About us– Lök Foods Austria

We are a Colombian company with a mission to create world-class, premium chocolate products from sustainably sourced Colombian Cacao. Our vision is to transform the Colombian countryside by promoting sustainable production models and fair trade channels that create opportunities for small cocoa and coffee producers.

We work directly with 1,300 farming families in Arauca in the Orinoco region and Tumaco in the Pacific region of the rainforest. These regions have been affected by illegal coca cultivation for more than 50 years and today, thanks to cocoa cultivation, these families are no longer illegal. We work with these regions of Colombia to give farmers a profitable and different alternative to illegal crops.

Lök works hand in hand with the El Alcaraván Foundation to develop new cocoa production techniques and provides technical assistance to farmers to improve the management of this crop.

We are a proud family

Our commitment is to support the people who make it possible for Colombian products of superior quality to reach the hands of their consumers. We serve as a tool to increase knowledge and create processes in order to be the basis and cause of better living conditions for all the families who with their effort and dedication create Lök premium products.

Farmers working on their crops


Fine Flavor Cacao

Is only 8% of the global Cacao production. The genetics of Fine Flavor Cacao trees can be traced back to the begenning of the species in the Amazon jungle. A panel of international experts assess the Cacao to determine if

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