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Decoding Chocolate: The Role of Cacao Percentage and the Amazonic Influence

Understanding Cacao Percentage

  • Cacao Content: The percentage represents the amount of cacao content in the chocolate. This content comes from the cocoa beans—the combination of cocoa liquor (the non-fat part) and cocoa butter (the fat portion). The remaining percentage accounts for other ingredients like sugar, milk, and flavorings.
  • Darkness and Bitterness: Higher percentages mean darker and more intense chocolate. If you crave robust flavors, opt for bars with elevated cacao content. It’s like sipping the essence of pure cocoa.
  • The Amazonic Twist: Our chocolate, sourced from the Amazonic region, boasts a unique character. While it’s darker, it isn’t as bitter as traditional cacao. The lush rainforests and diverse terroir of the Amazon contribute to this delightful balance.

Fine Flavor Cacao: A Precious Rarity

What Is Fine Flavor Cacao?

Fine Flavor Cacao refers to a select group of cacao varieties known for their exceptional taste, aromatic nuances, and unique flavor profiles. These beans are the gems of the chocolate world, representing only 8% of the entire global cacao production.

Characteristics of Fine Flavor Cacao:

  • Terroir Influence: Just like wine grapes, cacao beans absorb flavors from their environment—the soil, climate, and altitude. Fine Flavor Cacao thrives in specific regions with ideal conditions, such as the Amazonic rainforests.
  • Distinct Flavor Notes: Each variety of Fine Flavor Cacao offers distinct flavor notes. Some taste like red berries, floral hints, or even tropical fruits. These nuances make them sought after by chocolatiers and connoisseurs.
  • Low Bitterness: Unlike bulk cacao, Fine Flavor Cacao is less bitter. It balances sweetness, acidity, and depth, creating a harmonious chocolate experience.

The Amazonic Connection:

Our chocolate, sourced from the Amazonic region, embodies the spirit of Fine Flavor Cacao. Here’s why:

  • Biodiversity: The Amazon rainforests harbor an incredible diversity of cacao varieties. These beans carry the essence of the lush ecosystem they call home.
  • Sustainable Practices: Our cacao farmers employ sustainable cultivation methods, preserving the delicate balance of the rainforest. By supporting them, we contribute to the conservation of this precious ecosystem.
  • Flavor Symphony: The Amazonic Fine Flavor Cacao dances with flavors—notes of tropical fruits, hints of earthiness, and a touch of magic. It’s a symphony for the taste buds.

Crafting Our Chocolate:

From bean to bar, we honor the legacy of Fine Flavor Cacao. Our chocolatiers meticulously transform these beans into delectable creations:

  • Single-Origin Bars: Explore the nuances of specific regions
  • Blends: Our masterful blends combine Fine Flavor Cacao from different origins, creating harmonious flavor profiles.
  • Limited Editions: Occasionally, we unveil limited-edition chocolates that celebrate the rarest cacao varieties. These are moments to savor.

Next time you savor a piece of our chocolate, remember that it carries the legacy of Fine Flavor Cacao—the 8% that whispers stories of rainforests, terroir, and culinary delight. 🌿🍫

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